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About bearfoot

Where kids and families achieve

what previously felt impossible

Bearfoot is an outdoor pediatric occupational therapy practice that addresses social, emotional, motor, and sensory challenges to launch kids into days of joy and success.


Our mission

Our mission is for kids to receive the services they need to go forth successfully into the world. No holding back, we are ALL IN on helping your kid and family learn the tools and build the skills to thrive. Let’s do what it takes, learn what works, and make real changes so your child’s future includes more playdates, school success, and sense of belonging.

Our vision

Through the comprehensive program we provide at Bearfoot, we want to bust open the status quo of what it means to empower children with emotional, sensory, motor, or behavioral challenges. Once you’ve seen the results of bold communication and meeting your child’s individual needs, your child’s future will forever be improved. 


That means looking beyond what insurance will reimburse and including what your child and your family really need - supercharged sessions, clear communication,

and over-the-top caregiver support.

a note from our founder


Marika Austin, MS OTR/L


As the owner and occupational therapist behind Bearfoot OT, I’m driven to think outside the box to provide more effective therapy services. 


From taking therapy outdoors to raising the bar on parent collaboration, my vision has always been to fill gaps so kids get incredible results without being in occupational therapy indefinitely. 


And after years of building this unique approach to OT practice, I’m more passionate about this work than ever. 


Every day I have a front seat to watch the amazing transformations that happen when kids have their energy, sensory, and emotional needs met while playing in nature. Whether your child struggles with anxiety, emotional outbursts, motor skills, or lack of focus, the program at Bearfoot is here to address challenges, remove unknowns, and get your child on track.

Meet The Team

Our values

We love partnering with Bay Area families who share our passion for the outdoors, active collaboration, and doing what it takes for kids. 


Without a doubt, communication with parents is the secret ingredient to massive success. We're ready to hear your thoughts  — the good, bad, or ugly. Always balancing compassion and a no-nonsense attitude, expect to give and receive feedback for the best outcome for your child. 



Around here, you’re respected and listened to as the expert on your child. That means honoring the challenges that brought you to this point to hearing your perspective on what works for your child. 

What sets us truly apart is a deep respect for kids. From our words to our actions, we want kids to experience a place where their bodies, experiences, abilities, and preferences are respected and celebrated.


We constantly surprise families with our level of support, involvement, and results. We’re all-in with every child. Each session, response, and resource is provided with the right blend of energy, thoughtfulness, and the latest research. 

When you’re overwhelmed, it’s almost impossible to sort through all the available resources to patch together what will work for your specific child and situation.

You need Bearfoot on your team to provide a plan for your child so you can get to the other side of overwhelm.

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We’re ready to go the extra mile for your child.
Are you ready to go all-in with us?

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