Transform Your Business through Package Pricing

A step by step course to help you make MORE money with LESS burn out - and save a heck of a lot of time getting there

The typical hourly rate model is not working for your business.

There’s another way - package pricing!


With package pricing, you will get paid for the work you do while continuing to deliver high value, high quality offerings, which create better outcomes for your business, employees and clients. 

How do I make the change?

Buy the Package Pricing Course to help you transform your business!

what’s included in the package pricing course?

Digital Downloads

To help you get from here to there FAST

  • Template of package descriptions and policies

  • Template of email for transitioning current clients to package pricing 

  • Customizable flow chart for your cancellation policies

  • Customizable 2021 calendar and calendar key

  • Spreadsheet for tracking package services

  • Tip sheet for using your EMR

  • Tip sheet for insurance based practices 

  • Insurance clarification letter for superbill clients 

  • Example of superbill provided to clients 

  • Example of "cliff notes" video for successful client communication


9 video modules to coach you through the steps of planning and implementing to ensure your packages fit your business 

  • Think about the WHY 

  • Decide on what to include

  • Choose package length

  • Fine tune your offer 

  • Pricing

  • Establish clarity through policy development

  • Foster a smooth transition for current clients

  • Developing your ongoing communication plan

  • Implement, track and revise


Planning tool to use with the video to take action 

  • Step by step workbook to help you plan, implement and personalize packages to your business 

we walk you through step by step. 


The status quo of hourly rates is familiar, safe and the “way it’s always been done.” 


Package pricing is new, dynamic and out of the box. 

And you know what's awesome? With package pricing, you will make more money, have clearer boundaries on your time and services, have less resentment and burn out, and your clients will get better results. It is an honest to goodness win win. 


Don't know where to start? That's what this course is all about. It gives you templates to make planning and implementation a breeze PLUS step by step videos and workbook for all the pieces to transform your practice. 


"Marika helped me realize the why - and more importantly how - to make these changes in a professional and clear manner"

"As I looked at our clients and families, what I saw them needing was more time with therapists to maximize their child's skill development and meet goals. 

What my team and business needed was reimbursement for the therapists time and expertise. In the middle of 2021 we will be offering several options for families to have more time with our OT experts that honors the investment of my team. Marika helped me realize the why - and more importantly how - to make these changes in a professional and clear manner for the benefit of everyone." 

Erica SChuppe

Owner, Wild Roots Therapy

"There's no way I would have thought of all the details she addressed."

"It's not easy to do something new, especially when it comes to long-standing models like pricing structures for therapy. I watched Marika develop her packaged pricing model and was amazed by the amount of thought she put into each step. Thinking through everything from pricing, logistics (plus extenuating circumstances), offering value, and figuring out what specific services to include in each package. There's no way I would have thought of all the details she addressed.


That's why I'm so glad Marika has compiled all her work and insights to help other therapists who want to explore offering package pricing for their own services. I'm excited to see more businesses thriving and improving client outcomes by offering services in new ways."

Jenny gill

Owner, Jenny Gill Copywriting

"The course goes in-depth with a step-by-step process to make an overwhelming transition so much simpler"

"I love the templates Marika provided for emailing families and package descriptions. This course bundle included far more than I expected! The course goes in-depth with a step-by-step process to make an overwhelming transition so much simpler. Marika has not left one stone uncovered in the transition from hourly services to package pricing."

hana eichele

Owner, Roots Pediatric Therapy

The mistake most people make is they think the do-it-yourself route is cheaper 

What they don't take into account is how slow and inefficient that can be.


Can you figure out how to switch to package pricing on your own?


It will take months of planning. You will most likely need to hire a business coach, a copywriter, and a graphic designer (I did!). You might get so overwhelmed by all the nitty gritty details that you give up - hourly rates are simpler. You'll try this package pricing thing again later. 

But the problems that you're having now won't go away on their own. 

This is your chance to skyrocket the process, create your packages, transition current clients to a new system, and figure out the nuts and bolts. Using the step by step course you can transform your practice, make more money with less burn out and create better outcomes for your business, employees and clients. 

The step by step course includes:

  • Tons of digital downloads and templates so you don't have to spend time reinventing the wheel 

  • 60 minute video to coach you through each step of the process

  • A workbook planning tool to help you get from here to there

Are you ready to...

  • Save hundreds of dollars by not hiring a business coach, copywriter and graphic designer?

  • Save months of your own time struggling through the details?

  • Feel confident you are making the right choice for your business? 

  • Foster a smooth transition for current clients?

  • Make more money seeing the same amount of clients?

  • Learn how to get paid for the work you are already doing? 

  • Reinvent your business model so you get paid the same amount even if clients cancel?

satisfaction guarantee


If you go through all the templates, content, bonuses and you don’t find ANY value, 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.


Because I am sure that this step by step course is going to help you get you to Package Land. 

Who am I?

I’m Marika and I’ve been where you are. 


Last year, I found myself in a place where I was getting destroyed by cancellations, struggling to schedule make ups, working WAY beyond the therapy hour (and doing it mostly for free).


I was burning out FAST. And I started to notice that I was starting to resent the work I was doing - which was scary. 


This was my dream job, right? 

want to hear more?

"In this episode, we highlight Marika Austin and how she shifted from hourly pricing to package pricing in her pediatric service-based business. Want the nitty gritty on how she moved from time for money to a retainer structure? Listen up and hear how Marika gets paid!"