the ultimate guide to package pricing
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Listen up OTs, PTs, and SLPs in private practice:

There’s a surprising reason running your practice feels so frustrating

 (for you and your clients)!

Working hours and hours providing services you don’t

get paid for? 


Fed up with losing revenue because of cancellations? 


Frustrated when clients don’t make enough progress

because they don’t follow through between sessions? 



What if I told you all these problems are actually connected? 

With a root in one main fixable problem that no one seems to recognize. 
That you charge by the session. 

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Meaning – 
  • You only get paid when a client shows up
  • You squeeze caregiver communication into 5 minutes at the end of a session
  • You see phone consults, home visits, or creating resources as essential but clients won’t pay for them
  • Your days are completely filled with billable sessions
Think back to why you started your private practice in the first place… 


You probably wanted to help people, get paid, and have a healthy work-life balance. You wanted things to be different from all the other places you worked. 


But your current situation feels far from that dream. 


You spend your days running from session to session. Then your evenings filled with treatment planning, putting together *free* resources, and white-knuckling your way through business decisions with unpredictable revenue.  



You’re so tired and stressed, all the fun is gone from your work as a therapist. 


This is NOT the life you had envisioned, but …


Lean in close here, I’m about to share with you the issue many therapists face on a daily basis without ever naming it.  


The real problem is actually the time-for-money model everyone uses for their therapy practices.


As long as you’re getting paid by the session (and only when the client shows), you’re going to keep running into the same problems. 

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It’s time to revolutionize how you offer therapy services so you’re able to expand, communicate and charge for the outstanding services you’re ALREADY providing. 

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The best part, thinking beyond the time-for-money model actually improves client outcomes because they are more invested in their own progress!

“DO IT! If your main income is clinical work, this really puts things together and holds you and the people you are serving accountable for time and quality services.”


Erin Clarelli, OT

Sunrise Therapies

Time for you to rewrite the rules for your therapy practice!

Just because getting paid by the session is the only way you’ve seen, doesn’t mean you can’t forge a new path.

If you’re done cramming your day with back-to-back therapy sessions to generate revenue, join a new generation of therapists who use package pricing to create sustainable and high-impact practices.

Let’s Transform Your Business Through

The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing! 


In this step by step course, you’ll learn how to make more money AND create the practice that aligns with your true vision for therapy. 


YUP, you heard that right.


You don’t need to stay stuck feeling undervalued and overworked. 


Package pricing provides another (better) way! 


With package pricing, you get paid for the work you do while continuing to deliver high-value, high-quality offerings. It’s the ultimate win-win for your business, employees, and clients. 

This is how you do it:


Instead of pay-per-session, you create packages of services at set price points. 

It’s not about discounting your sessions. Rather it’s about adding valuable services (which you’re likely already providing) and defining how clients get to work with you.

When you become a therapist like this you:​​


Talk differently starting from the first call. Clients immediately know what’s included and the value associated with the complete package of services.

Capture the value of the services you offer outside of sessions, increasing your revenue and job satisfaction. 

Feel calm because you can predict and control your revenue and schedule.

Work with clients who are as committed to their outcome and process as you are.

Show up professionally with crystal clear policies and plan of care.

Offer big-picture solutions to clients while positioning your business for long-term success. 

Chances are, this kind of stability, freedom, and impact is what you wanted when you headed into private practice. 

You just didn’t know how to make it happen. ​

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 “I feel confident about how to describe my packages,

provide a clear cancellation policy, and make sure the packages I create fit my needs and the needs of my clients.”


Blythe Ardyson, OT

Running Cedar

The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing

is here to change that! 


Not only have I proved package pricing can be successfully applied to occupational therapy. I’ve also seen it improve client outcomes and satisfaction. And I’ve helped other private practice owners do the same. 

We’re simplifying package pricing with a single comprehensive resource to guide you through every step from a therapist biz perspective. 


  • Bite-sized video modules that walk you through what to think about and how to create your packages so nothing gets overlooked and everything runs smoothly. 


  • Step-by-Step Workbook to guide you to solutions for your unique practice. Imagine finishing the workbook and being able to confidently roll out your value-packed service packages. 


  • Ready-to-Go Templates make it easy to plug in your information so you quickly and confidently implement your package pricing model. 


  • Private Facebook Group once aboard the Package Pricing Revolution, you’re part of our inspiring and dynamic community of forward-thinking therapists. 



Yup, I’ve basically eliminated the 20+ hours, coaching $$$, and the mountain of stress that comes from figuring it out on your own (woohoo!). The templates alone will save you countless hours and get you confidently fast-tracking your packages. 

A Peek Inside
Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing

Clearly identify what you want to offer and build services that delight you and your clients. Learn what worked for me and my students and then be empowered to create the business of YOUR dreams. 


Each module is a combination of video explanation, action-taking workbook lessons, and time-saving templates.

module 1

Think about the WHY

You’re a therapist with a big heart. This is where you get to think back to why you became a therapist and a business owner in the first place and imagine how you’d design your dream services.

module 2

Decide What to Include

Take the time to organize what your packages should include. Find the sweet spot between what you want to offer and what’s most beneficial for your clients.

module 3

Choose Package Length

Learn how to maximize financial stability and client success. You’ll explore the variables that determine package timeframes so you can communicate them with confidence and clarity. 


Bonus Time-Saving Template: 

  • Customizable 2021 calendar and calendar key

module 4

Fine Tune your Offer

Now that you’ve gathered all the pieces, it’s time to put it all together into your packages. You’re going to get seriously excited about offering these to your clients when you’re done!

module 5

Taking the Fear Out of Pricing

This has been called the most valuable unit of this whole course. Figure out the value of individual components and use my method for coming up with a package price that is good for your business and clear for clients. 


This alone will save you countless hours, tears of frustration, and potentially lost revenue.

module 6

Establish Clarity through Policy Development

Let’s be honest, these policies are for you as much as your clients. Instead of bending to client requests in the heat of the moment, you’ll have pre-planned answers that make sense for your business and give you the confidence to set healthy boundaries. 


Time Saving Templates:

  • Template of package descriptions and policies so you don’t have to start from a blank page

  • Customizable flow chart for your cancellation policies so you and your clients are clear upfront on what happens in different situations. 

module 7

Foster a Smooth Transition for Current Clients

Removing the fear of losing all your existing clients (or not getting people to sign up). This module will walk you through how to navigate the transition for current clients to package pricing and explain the value to clients so that people are excited and ready for the change. 


Time-Saving Template: 

  • Template of an email to transition current clients to package pricing

module 8

Develop Your Ongoing Communication Plan

A higher value means outstanding customer service and communication. Learn tricks for amazing client communication that helps your client know what to expect and protects your time. 


Time Saving Templates

  • Tour through the exact systems and processes I use for successful client communication

module 9

Implement, Track,
and Revise

Get the final pieces to launch your packages and run things smoothly on a daily basis. All new programs evolve as you figure out what works best so I give you ideas on how to monitor and make adjustments as you go along. 


Time Saving Templates

  • Spreadsheet for tracking package services

  • Tip sheet for using your EMR

Bonuses to really

fast-track your implementation. 


Demystifying Insurance: Value $125


It’s possible to package your services and help clients with insurance reimbursement. Feel confident you’re doing things correctly with the templates and resources to navigate package pricing within the insurance system. 


  • Tip sheet for insurance-based practices 

  • Insurance clarification letter for superbill clients

  • Example of superbill provided to clients


Google Classroom: Value $50


You’ll learn how to start using Google Classroom for your practice. It’s a simple and powerful tool to increase the value of your services by improving communication and home program delivery.  


Effective and Authentic Discovery Calls: Value $100


If you’re worried about discovery calls, you’re not alone! It didn’t come naturally to me either. 


But after a few awkward calls, I tweaked how I talk about my services. I nailed down an approach that works and doesn’t feel salesy. In fact, a welcome side-effect has been how fast clients stopped blinking at my pricing. Now I’ve got a waiting list and need to hire another therapist! I want you to have the same results so I’m including my tried-and-true discovery call script to help you confidently sell out your program.

 “I've always thought that this one on one hourly pay just hasn't made a lot of sense to me. And I've always had my eye on other industries with retainers and other unique forms of payment. Marika figured out how to actually implement it, and make it make sense in our therapy world.”


Nicole Gordon, OT

Outside OT

Image by Persnickety Prints

Don’t be surprised when…


Your clients are doing the extras between sessions and raving about how their lives are transformed as a result. 


You’re able to predict your revenue, your schedule, and feel the peace of practice stability. 


You take on fewer clients but get paid the same or more because you’re actually compensated for all the services you provide.


You enjoy your work because you feel valued and have happy, successful clients.


It’s easier to set clear boundaries and expectations for better client relationships.

Big Changes That Generate Big Rewards


The status quo of hourly rates is familiar, safe and the “way it’s always been done.”


Package pricing is new, dynamic, and gets you thinking outside of the box. 















Isn’t that what you really were looking for when you set up your practice? 


The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing takes the guesswork out of where to start. The templates make planning and implementation a breeze and the videos and workbook provide the roadmap to transform your practice. 

satisfaction guarantee


If you go through all the templates, content, and bonuses and you don’t find ANY value, 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of purchase.



Because I am sure that this step-by-step course is going to help you revolutionize how you provide therapy services.

"As I looked at our clients and families, what I saw them needing was

more time with therapists to maximize their child's skill development and

meet goals. What my team and business needed was reimbursement for the therapist's time and expertise. Marika helped me realize the why - and more importantly how - to make these changes in a professional and clear manner for the benefit of everyone.

Erica Schuppe

Wild Roots Therapy


Don’t believe you can make this switch?

It’s not only possible, but it’s amazing to get paid your worth through package pricing! 


Just look around at what other industries are doing…


  • Business coaches who offer packages

  • Parents who pay upfront for daycare or preschool

  • Chiropractors who layout comprehensive treatment plays 


It just feels scary because it’s new for the therapy industry. 


But it doesn’t need to stay that way. After getting inspired by the success of other professions, I put in the work and cracked the code for applying package pricing to therapy practices!


And I’ll admit, it wasn’t easy. I spent a lot of time and money working out the nitty-gritty details. To the tune of $2,000 dollars, and 100+ hours of my own time. And that doesn’t even count the extra emotional and brain energy I spent just tossing around every possible option and scenario in my head. 

I’m here to tell you it was worth it!


And not just money (although the boost intake-home pay and the financial predictability are super nice). 








The real payoff has been the peace and work satisfaction I now enjoy. I’ve finally put things in place to create the OT practice of my dreams. 


And I want the same for you. 

For less than the potential of selling just ONE package, get paid your worth and transform your practice with The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing.

I’m Marika and I’ve been where you are. 


Last year, in my pediatric private practice, I found myself in a place where I was getting destroyed by cancellations, struggling to schedule makeup sessions, working WAY beyond the therapy hour (and doing it mostly for free).


I was burning out FAST. And I started to notice that I was starting to resent the work I was doing - which was scary. 


This was my dream job, right? 


So I set out to discover a better path. To figure out how to apply the concepts of packaged services for my occupational therapy practice.

Once I was done, I’d solved a whole bunch of challenges that had been coming up in my business. Plus, my work became more enjoyable because my therapy program resonates with families who are fully committed to this process (and back that commitment up with a financial investment). 


Who am I?

Revolutionizing Therapy Together!


I hate seeing amazing private practice therapists working in ways that create more stress and fatigue than profit and joy.  


That’s why I’m so excited to see more therapists embrace package pricing and reap the benefits for themselves and their clients.

And the great thing is not having to figure it out alone. We’re innovating together and sharing what works. 


As a course member in The Ultimate Guide to Package Pricing, you’ll get access to the private Facebook group where we share ideas, support, and latest updates. 


As more therapists implement this model, it’s already clear 

The package pricing model is super versatile. It’s possible to modify your whole practice or just one service. 


I’m constantly impressed by how students take this new model and apply it in unique ways for their own practices. 


After applying package pricing, I’ve seen practitioners provide:  

Group sessions by the semester 

Individual sessions at different levels of price and service

Offer previously unreimbursable services like consults or home visits to clients with insurance

Capture the intensive model of a specialty service

Offer sibling sessions or caregiver training

Learn how to price and offer high-value client communication with Google Classroom or virtual consults

Truly, packaging your services is the doorway to so many exciting possibilities.

"I love the templates Marika provided for emailing families and

package descriptions. This course bundle included far more than I

expected! The course goes in-depth with a step-by-step process to make an overwhelming transition so much simpler. Marika has not left one stone uncovered in the transition from hourly services to package pricing."

Hana Eichele

Roots Pediatric Therapy

Got questions? I’m ready with answers!


I’m an insurance-based business. Is package pricing still an option? 

Yes, this works for insurance-based businesses. In the course, we go over how to break down the cost of services so you can create a superbill for the clients services. Then make it clear on your onboarding with clients that they will be responsible for portions of the packages not covered by insurance.

In reality, package pricing is THE BEST WAY to being able to get paid for additional services such as phone calls or home visits that your clients really need but have been limited by insurance. 


I’m new to running my own practice. Will this program still work for me?

It sure will :) In fact, it's a great way to set up a practice so you don’t have to change for clients already working with you. Pay attention to parts of the course that talk about how to share the value with potential clients. This will not only help you promote package pricing but will help you build your client base from day one. 


I’m unsure if parents/clients will commit to packages?

That’s why the course includes information to equip you to sell these packages to potential clients. We go over how to share the value of the service you provide and the reason for longer time periods. Once clients understand the benefit, it’s actually reassuring to have a complete plan of action from start to finish. 


I don’t have a ton of time. Will this just add to my work? 

It will take time to go through the program and start implementing into your practice. However, I’ve done massive amounts of research and work for you so you don’t have to spend months (or years) thinking about all the details to implement. 

Keep in mind, once you get everything rolling, you’re going to thank yourself when you start making more revenue and feeling less frustrated in your work.

Plus, it’s always an option to apply package pricing to one area of your practice to build confidence and test out processes. 

I’ve talked to my clients about package pricing and they don’t seem interested in this option, does this mean this won’t work for me? 

Such a good question, I ran into this too. Asking for increased commitment (financial and time) is going to feel harder to your clients, even if it’s actually better for them. Kind of like exercise feels daunting before you jump in and start. 

That’s why we cover how to confidently sell and explain the value of these packages to your clients so they are thrilled to sign up for your program.

What if I need extra support or have more questions for my business?

No problem!  I get it, sometimes is super helpful to directly talk things through to get individualized feedback on your specific situation. For this reason, I offer 1:1 coaching. For those who have purchased the course, the investment in private coaching calls is $150/hour. 

The choice is now yours…

You can leave your practice the way it is... and keep trading time for money by charging by the therapy session.


Just know, the problems you're having now won't go away on their own. 




You can be brave and create your new future with package pricing. 

With a little extra work upfront, you create a practice where you actually feel valued and successful as a practice owner. Everything is included to quickly duplicate my process, create your packages, and share these services with clients.


Jump on board if you’re ready to…


Save hundreds of dollars by not hiring a business coach, copywriter, and graphic designer.

Save months of your own time struggling through the details.

Feel confident you’re making the right choice for your business. 

Foster a smooth transition for current clients.

Make more money without cramming more clients into your day.

Learn how to get paid for the work you’re already doing. 

Reinvent your business model so you get paid the same amount even if clients cancel.


When you get paid for the work you enjoy as a therapist, you’re going to look back and thank yourself for being brave and taking this leap. 


want to hear more?

"In this episode, we highlight Marika Austin and how she shifted from hourly pricing to package pricing in her pediatric service-based business. Want the nitty gritty on how she moved from time for money to a retainer structure? Listen up and hear how Marika gets paid!"