Transform Your Business Using Package Pricing

A step by step guide to help you make MORE money with LESS burn out - and save a heck of a lot of time getting there!


The typical hourly rate model is not working for your business.


It sounds nice and simple, doesn’t it?


Client comes for a session, they pay for the session. 


Easy peasy.


But it’s not working because here’s the deal: Your client pays for that hour of therapy, but there are SO MANY other things that you do that take time and effort outside of that paid hour.


There’s another way - package pricing! 


With package pricing, you will get paid for the work you do while continuing to deliver high value, high quality offerings, which create better outcomes for your business, employees and clients.


What's included in the Step by Step Guide? 


Digital downloads

To help you get from here to there FAST

  • Template of package descriptions and policies

  • Template of email for transitioning current clients to package pricing 

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