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Nature-based Social Groups in The Bay Area

When learning social skills, nothing replaces the power of a group. 


We address:

  • Play skills for cooperating in the classroom or playground

  • Problem solving with other people

  • Managing emotions when others challenge ideas or decide something different

next groups start in
april 2022 
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  • Children ages 7-9

  • Meets at China Camp in San Rafael

  • 10 week series

  • Meets weekly on Wednesdays (3:45-5:15 pm) rain or shine!

  • Group limited to 6 kids

Group dates:
January 5th through March 16th
No group on 2/23
Group of Friends Going on Excursion
  • Children ages 5-7

  • Meets at Glen Park in San Francisco 

  • 10 week series

  • Meets weekly on Mondays (3:30-5:00 pm) rain or shine!

  • Group limited to 6 kids

Monday group dates:
January 3rd through March 21st
No group on 1/17 or 2/21

Happy Children



  • Children ages 7-8

  • Meets at Glen Park in San Francisco 

  • 10 week series

  • Meets weekly on Thursdays (3:30-5:00 pm) rain or shine!

  • Group limited to 6 kids

Thursday group dates:
January 6th through March 17th
No group on 2/24


4 steps to apply

Please note, your application is not a guarantee of acceptance due to high demand.

We will accept applications until december 10th and you will be notified of your acceptance status by december 15th. 

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Pay deposit

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Complete intake

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Get excited

You're all set for group!

About Bearfoot's Nature-Based Social Groups

Does your child have difficulty:

  • Making or keeping friends?

  • Regulating their emotions in a group setting?

  • Reading social cues and perspective taking?

  • Resolving conflict or disagreements with peers?

  • Sharing space in a conversation?

  • Demonstrating important social skills like turn taking and winning/losing?

Bearfoot OT’s nature-based social group’s comprehensive curriculum is based on the Social Thinking work of Michelle Garcia Winner¹,  which is appropriate for many different age groups. The curriculum reflects the belief that children can become more socially competent if they understand how the social world works and why specific goals are important in different contexts.


Bearfoot OT takes these social lessons and practices their application through outdoor nature play with peers, using the natural environment to help enhance the experience and provide opportunities for creative, problem solving, sensory-rich fun!


Every group is individualized based on the participants but always targets: 

  • perspective taking

  • nonverbal language

  • conversation skills

  • monitoring behavior and sensory regulation through play


All groups are led by a skilled pediatric occupational therapist that is trained to help children with the development of social skills, motor skills and sensory processing.


Groups are held outdoors in rain or shine!

For questions about registration, please email or call 415-322-0874

What's IncludeD

  • intake call
  • review of intake paperwork and previous reports
  • collaborative goal setting 
  • custom weekly emails with summaries
  • weekly individual videos to debrief your child's progress
  • progress note at the conclusion of group
  • Ten 90-minute sessions of fun skill building in the great outdoors!
Price: $997
 A current (less than 12 months) OT evaluation is required to participate in group. If you don't have one, we will complete an abbreviated evaluation for an additional $225.