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the ultimate guide to package pricing 
How to make more profit with less stress and get back to loving your business

We’re simplifying package pricing with a single comprehensive resource to guide you through every step 


  • Bite-sized video modules that walk you through what to think about and how to create your packages so nothing gets overlooked and everything runs smoothly. 


  • Step-by-Step Workbook to guide you to solutions for your unique practice. Imagine finishing the workbook and being able to confidently roll out your value-packed service packages. 


  • Ready-to-Go Templates make it easy to plug in your information so you quickly and confidently implement your package pricing model. 


  • Private Pop Up Facebook Group once aboard the Package Pricing Revolution, you’re part of our inspiring and dynamic community of forward-thinking therapists.

The Ultimate Package Pricing Guide takes the guesswork out of where to start.
The templates make planning and implementation a breeze and the videos and workbook provide the roadmap to transform your practice.