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Frequently asked questions

Is Bearfoot OT right for my child?

At Bearfoot OT, we serve many kids for many different reasons. Our program offers services for children ages 3 and up and we offer different services depending on the needs of the child and family. If your child is having difficulty with any of the areas mentioned below, or if you feel like your child could benefit from more outdoor time, contact us for more info!

What is pediatric occupational therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy helps children do the things they need to do as kids - play, work, move, grow, and interact with the world and people around them. Sometimes those childhood occupations are disrupted or are more difficult than they should be. Pediatric OTs help children build a variety of skill such as:

- fine motor

- gross motor

- visual motor

- executive functioning

- sensory processing

- self regulation and emotional regulation

- prosocial behavior and engagement


Bearfoot OT is a unique therapeutic model where children work on their goals in the amazing natural environment offered by our urban Bay Area setting. Pediatric occupational therapy usually happens in the school, home, or clinic. Bearfoot goes outdoors to help tap into the powerful effects of nature on healthy child development to help children meet their goals.

Read more about the role of occupational therapy for children and youth here

Why outdoors?

Interacting with nature helps with many aspects of childhood development. In order to help children move towards their physical, social and cognitive potential, we use the outdoors as our learning environment. Instead of balancing on a balance beam, we might balance on a log. Instead of climbing a foam climbing wall, we might climb a tree. Instead of playing with shaving cream, we might play in the dirt. Nature offers endless opportunities for exploration, imagination and growth. 

Can being outdoors help with handwriting?

Yes! Good handwriting is based on having a variety of strong foundational skills such as: 

- Postural stability

- Shoulder stability

- Bilateral hand skills
- Wrist stability and extension
- Development of the palmar arches
- Thumb opposition 
- Strong web space 
- Separation of two sides of the hand
- In-hand manipulation
- Hand Strength

Playing outside can help strengthen these areas, which then translates to functional improvement with handwriting! 

What happens if it rains? What if it is cold outside?

We play! We don't cancel for bad weather, we have fun in it. The only exception is if the weather is a hazard, such as air quality or hail. We make sure to communicate to families about how best to dress their kids so that all weather is enjoyable.

Do you accept insurance?

Bearfoot OT does not bill insurance. However, we can provide information needed to assist in helping families receive reimbursement, based on your individual policies.