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Individual Outdoor OT Sessions

+ Parent Empowerment 

+ Team Communication 

+ Customized Home & School Recommendations 

= Successful and Thriving Kids & Families in the Bay Area

When you have a child who is struggling at home and school, you want answers and solutions that work and feel right for your family. To stop wrestling with the same struggles month after month and see tangible progress in skills, connection, and confidence. 


Look no further, when you start occupational therapy at Bearfoot, you’re joining a program focused on fostering childhood skills that make a difference today. Plus provides a foundation for the future.

Bearfoot takes a unique approach to occupational therapy, where we work with your child in the outdoors and provide comprehensive support to equip parents for ongoing carryover. 

Just some of the things we address: 


  • Increasing strength in muscles big and small

  • Improving coordination 

  • Navigating big emotions

  • Exploring sensory activities to better tolerate textures, movement, and noise

  • Calming the mind and body

  • Practicing patience, concentration, and following directions

  • Fostering social skills

our next quarter starts in august 2024! 

enrollment opens on june 10th

there are two options to move forward with bearfoot

1. complete this form

2. schedule a call with bearfoot's owner

The Bearfoot OT Way

Taking therapy sessions outdoors provides a long list of benefits including calming the mind, challenging the body, and increasing motivation to work on new skills. We do this in a fun way – by digging in the mud, balancing on tree branches, problem solving to build a fort, and activities at home using our interactive online platform. 


Outdoor sessions are just one piece of the larger puzzle. Success hinges on empowering you as the parent with specific strategies to support your child in the big and small moments, and space to ask questions as they come up. 


We don’t offer one-size-fits-all approaches or unrealistic promises of magical one-hour a week sessions. What we offer is a comprehensive program of change for your child and family.

Bearfoot Package Comparison V5.jpg


This package focuses on nature-based treatment sessions with limited touch-points for communication between sessions. This package works best for families who are pretty independent with team communication and home implementation.


Our most frequently recommended package because it offers the ideal combination of nature-based sessions and ongoing, interactive family guidance.


With this package you immerse your family in a transformational program to get undeniable improvement for your child. You won’t need to figure it out yourself – together we tackle your concerns big and small and get to work across multiple settings to help your child be more successful in everyday life.

Packages for Individual SUPPORT


Asset 7-8.png

Sessions in the outdoors to work on skills with your child. When needed, sessions can be substituted with an IEP meeting, telehealth session, or school visit.

Asset 4-8.png
Support Via Online Platform

Your own individualized, interactive landing place for all members of your child’s team to communicate and collaborate. Resources, photos, or videos unique to your child are uploaded every week so you can stay connected to how your child is progressing.

Weekly Updates and Homework

The repetition and practice your child needs to master new skills. No confusion on what you should be working on with everything in your Google classroom. 


Dedicated calls where we can focus our attention on making sure all your questions or concerns are addressed. These can be used to connect with a variety of people in your child’s life including, parents, teachers and/or other therapists.



Schedule an intake call


Complete an initial evaluation


Select your package


Begin your sessions

Taking occupational therapy outdoors in the Bay Area… 


The outdoors was the original space for learning where children practiced cooperation, coordination, strength, bravery, and imagination. Today, between safety concerns, diminishing “wild” spaces, decreased unscheduled time, and increased presence of screens – children spend less time outside.


However, the outdoors hasn’t lost its enchanting and powerful potential for sensory experiences, learning skill building, and fun. So join Bearfoot outside to impact your child’s skills through outdoor sessions in the beautiful Bay Area. 


Individual sessions currently available in Glen Canyon Park, the Presidio and China Camp.

Packaged services because consistent, comprehensive oT is effective!


We intentionally only offer our individual occupational therapy sessions as a bundled package to ensure you receive all essential elements to create real and lasting change. It’s a combination backed by research: powerful nature-based sessions, carryover to the home, and effective communication and collaboration.

By packaging services, we make sure things don’t get missed, achieve higher levels of commitment, and have the flexibility to to customize your program. You’ll be surprised how much easier it is to use and schedule those important parent consult conversations when it's already included in your program. 

For families ready to take action and create change, Bearfoot provides a comprehensive program where you know you’re maximizing opportunities for your child’s growth.

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