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are you a nature based therapist?

you're in the right place!

check out some of the resources below

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Gather and grow:

a meeting for  nature based therapists

(75 min, $10)

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grounded to grow annual retreat

Image by Holly Mandarich

nature based therapy boot camp course

So you're about to start working as a nature based OT...

...and you have NO idea how to get prepared for a totally different environment.

What you need is a comprehensive, efficient crash course to feel confident and READY to get outdoors with kids

From mindset to the nitty gritty of nature based practice, this course is jam packed to help you take your work outdoors in 30 days or less. It includes everything you need to hit the ground running as a nature based OT!

Get started today!

Are you a nature based therapist looking for community and connection?

For a space to problem solve, learn and get unstuck?

Join us on Zoom for Gather and Grow: A Meeting for Nature Based Therapists - a space where nature based therapists come together to share, brainstorm,  connect, and be supported by other people in this amazing niche area. 

Calls will happen every first Wednesday (9:00am PST/12:00 pm EST)

Sign up here to get notified when registration for a call opens!

Sign up for the waitlist for Grounded to Grow 2024!

A place for nature-based pediatric occupational therapists to get grounded and grow through community.

Grounded to Grow is an intentional community retreat, where each attendee contributes to the success of the event.  We arrive as equals and colleagues, embracing an abundance mindset, open sharing, a willingness to give more than we expect to receive, and the intention to lift each other up as people, professionals, and business owners.  

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